Pulse News Reader Updates With Better Social Importing

Android/iOS: Pulse, the elegant mobile reader for news and feeds, has updated with some notable improvements. Among them are easy importing of your prime items from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social spots, along with an easy way to load in "packs" of feeds for news, sports, tech or other topics.

I became a big fan of Pulse when I was testing out a Motorola XOOM tablet, but I carried my interest over to my phone and have found Pulse just as handy for getting a glance at the latest news and social updates. Being a heavy Google Reader user, support for offline reading from Reader feeds is my favourite update in this version.

Version 2.0 of Pulse is free, and now in the App Store and Android Market.

Pulse News Launches 2.0 Update for Android and iPhone [The Pulse Blog]


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