'What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?'

This simple question posed by American pastor Robert Schuller may help inspire us to try to accomplish our goals. Taking fear out of the equation, what are your biggest dreams?

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The question is similar to asking or considering what you would do if you only had a few months left to live. In its simplicity, the quote helps us focus on our priorities or tune into what we may most want in life.

Of course failure is possible and the most rewarding goals usually are more risky, but keep in mind, too, that failure can be a good thing. So go ahead and get to thinking about your greatest aspirations, if you aren't already.

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    It might be just me,.. but if you 'could not fail', wouldn't it take the incentive out of the goal itself? #}

      No, it wouldn't take the incentive out of doing it - if you want to walk on the moon, being able to not fail is irrelevant, you'd do it either way - but it may take some of the shine off the achievement.

      "get a million bucks"... and you can't fail...

      I don't see how that would take out any incentive, Ecky!!

        Ok, I consider myself spanked,.. please sir, may I have another..! #]

    Flying and resistance to bullets.

    It's an interesting concept, but asking what one would do if they only had a few months to live certainly discourages mid-term goals - i.e. I certainly wouldn't learn that musical instrument I always wanted to learn, cos a few months isn't nearly long enough...

    Thankfully this is purely hypothetical, otherwise I imagine there'd be very few virgins left in this world...

    Pilot, would love to fly helicopters, but I'd take fast jets as well ;)

    The same thing we attempt every night Pinky!

    rule the world, and play the piano.

    How about something a little more productive and currently seemingly intractable: like cure cancer.

    The instinctive answer is probably the right one, and for me, commenter #2 got my desire.

    I would build a space craft and loop the earth a few times.
    Do I have to be able to come back down? Maybe.

    Be a full-time artist. My dream is for someone to offer me the same salary just to paint all day. I wouldn't be rich, but I'd be happier.

    Oh, and I'd probably ask that girl I've been desiring from afar out on a date. After all, she'd have to say yes.

    Unite the human race in constructing a fleet of space ships to conquer the galaxy!

    "Could not fail" invites completely improbable hypotheticals.

    I would solve all science.

    Or have sex with every hot chick on the planet.

    I'm not sure which is more tempting.

    All on black

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