Tiger Cleared To Fly Again, Will Hit The Skies On Friday

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has cleared Tiger Airways to operate domestic flights in Australia again, ending a six-week no-fly period which has seen the future of the airline down under repeatedly questioned. Tiger has whacked a big 'We're back' graphic on its site and will resume flights from Friday.

Prior to the official announcement appearing, the earliest available flights I could find on the Tiger site were for this Friday, and CASA is restricting it to flying no more than 18 sectors a day during August. Initially, it will only be flying between Sydney and Melbourne.

It's worth noting that Tiger had previously stated that it would continue to offer refunds on already-booked flights for August up to seven days after CASA reauthorised it.




    I'm the one who felt happy but then i realized that they removed the rockhampton from their list of destinations :(
    the only place i travel

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