Tiger Airways Will Refund Any August Flights You Have Booked

Tiger Airways Will Refund Any August Flights You Have Booked

Tiger Airways is out of action until at least August 1, but if you hold a Tiger ticket for a point after that date, you might well be thinking “I wish I could cancel that ticket and fly with someone a tad more reliable”. Thanks to some stern words to Tiger from the ACCC, that’s now possible for August flights.

If you have a flight booked with Tiger in August, you can now cancel it and receive either a full refund or a credit note (our advice: go for the refund). The only condition is if Tiger is reauthorised to fly by CASA, you’ll have to ask for a refund within seven days of that date. That hasn’t happened yet, so there’s nothing to stop you getting a refund right now for any flights you did have booked on Tiger in August.

If you take up this option, you won’t qualify for the special bargain fares Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin are offering to Tiger customers whose flights have actually been cancelled. However, if you get in far enough in advance, you should still be able to score a reasonable deal. (That said, it seems many Tiger customers don’t want to pay for alternative flights, but at least this way you get the cash back.)

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  • Be warned, I just spoke to them and got a refund…but it’ll be 6 weeks before I see my money back. If CASA doesnt close them down, I hope the ACCC does.

    • hi mike i need a refubd as well. Can you please give me the number of the place you called cant seem to get anywhere soooooo frustrating. cheers.

  • The web fares currently available with Jetstar for August to Perth where I hope to be going are cheaper than the special fares offered to ex TIGER booked clients. The $250 to Perth I assume was one way although it didn’t say.

  • My wife & I were booked with Tiger. We have now had to book with Quantas, twice the price. But now we know we are safe. As far as refunds are concerend Tiger have told the ACCC that refunds will be automaticlly put back into peoples accounts. One can onley wait & hope.

  • Myself,Daughter and four grandchildren booked for a holiday to gold coast leaving,11/7/11.I did not receive an itinerary confirmation back,and only have a bank statement that the money was paid by credit card. So lets hope it’s TRUE FOR A REFUND.As a pensioner can’t afford to pay twice.

  • Our flight was the morning that all flights were suspended and we have now just received our refund only to find it short $120. I had to ring up Tiger and speak to someone and she said it was a clerical error and that we would get the final refund soon. My theory is they may very well short change a number of people hoping that these “clerical errors” go un noticed.

  • Hi, i confirm from refund too. but when i call them, it is hard to go through. i have flight with tiger on 8 of July, buat all the flights were suspended n i went with jetstar for double price!

  • My Tiger flights are not until September, but I want a refund NOW. They are now an airline with a history of breaking CASA safety regs, which wasn’t so when I booked. Also, I don’t want to wait any longer to make alternative travel arrangements in a peak travel period. Everyone who booked before the grounding should be allowed a full refund on request.

  • I cancelled my flights for August for a refund on the 5th August. It is now the 5th of October and there is still no sign of any money back. And they are impossible to talk to. Got to speak to one person a couple of weeks ago after waiting on hold long distance for 15 minutes. I was asked to wait another week !!!!

    • After another phone call, finally a refund. There were no explanations from anybody, just an email that I would get my refund in the next 3 – 4 weeks (it arrived in 2 days). They insist on your money up-front and are very rigid with the flight rules but getting your money back is very difficult.

  • We received refund for only one way not return trip. We have made several calls, emails and sent a letter still no response. We are very annoyed,what else can we do.

  • I have tried to contact Tiger at least half a dozen times about two flights which were cancelled during their “grounding”. They won’t even reply! Not sdo much as an acknowledgement, just an automatically-generated case number which goes nowhere. I’ve had several of those… a new one for each new complaint! Finally I went to the NSW Dept of Fair Trading, which offered to intercede on my behalf. Tiger never replied to them, either, and they have now given up and suggested I seek private legal advice. So I have written to the Public Defender at the Daily Telegraph, and told Tiger that I have done this. Do you think maybe that will spur them onto at least an acknowledgement? Frankly, I’m not hopeful, but what can you do?

  • And here we are, in June of the following year…. and still Tiger haven’t even had the courtesy to respond to all the email requests. I even turned up at an airport counter, but the guy there admitted he didn’t actually work for Tiger, that they kind of sub-contracted their airport booths to independent companies, so he couldn’t offer any help… or hope.

    • Please allow me to retract the above… in fact, they HAD refunded the money, well before I wrote that last tirade , but had just not bothered to reply to any of my correspondence. … and I missed the credit entry in my statement! This all came out a few days ago, when the NSW Dept of FairTrading took up the case again… and, whereas Tiger had ignored them the first time, with this second contact, they replied within a couple of days. Problem solved, and I apologise for bad-mouthing them unfairly.

  • On 24 Aug. I wrote in to request for a refund because my mom was critically ill & I had to cancel my trip. I produced letter from doctor. Having received no response from them, I called them. Spoke with a customer service representative. She told me no refund even after I explained my situation to her and ask for compassion. Guess what the rep told me – they have NO compassion !!! I was appalled by her response. BEWARE all people out there, if you took Tiger Airways, you get a budget response !!! They have NO compassion.

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