How Soon Will Tiger Start Flying Again?

How Soon Will Tiger Start Flying Again?

The ban on Tiger flying domestically in Australia extends to the end of July, and rumblings suggest it may resume flying soon after that date — but not necessarily on August 1.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Tiger is likely to hold off on resuming flights until August 6, in order to have time to organise crews and planes and to begin selling tickets again. It stopped selling tickets five days after it was grounded. The paper also suggests that Tiger may stop flying to Melbourne’s secondary airport Avalon.

Tiger’s approach of offering refunds on any flights in August remains in place, and will continue for seven days after any plans to resume flying are formally announced. I’d be getting in as soon as possible; Lifehacker readers have commented that the refund processes seem somewhat slow and inefficient, and that’s not likely to improve if staff get diverted back onto the main task of running the airline.

The big question is whether Tiger will be able to regain consumer confidence if it is allowed to fly again. While some of the passengers who had flights during that period apparently simply cancelled their plans rather than rebooking with other airlines, it also remains the case that organised flyers can score cheap flights without using Tiger

Tiger may quit Avalon base once flying ban is lifted [Sydney Morning Herald]

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