The Chalkboard Workspace

Today's featured workspace incorporates floor-to-ceiling "chalkwalls" for motivational quotes, terms to remember, and other notes. There's also a lot of gear in this workspace to be envious of.

Sergio Molina works as a graphic/motion designer, compositor and photographer, so he's got a Panasonic flatscreen for showing his work to clients a custom built PC for graphics rendering, a dual monitor setup, and multiple hard drives for the requisite tetrabytes of digital storage space. Hit up the Flickr link below to view all the details with his notes.

T4M Workspace 01 [Flickr]


    I have to wonder, though, if you'll still be envious of all of that gear after it's clogged with chalk dust.

      No Kidding, my whole kitchen wall is a chalkboard and the dust is mental. To hell with that adjacent electronics.

      You can buy whiteboard paint now too....

    Dear lord... TETRABYTES of storage? Is that a new type? :P

    Whiteboard walls are significantly better, me thinks. Not so dusty

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