The Pure White Workspace

The Pure White Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is an all-white space fit for two. With plenty of sunlight and room to spread out, it looks quite serene.

The office belongs to ESL lecturer Matthew, who uses this space to get away from “the hectic classroom and the distractions of a shared office at the Uni” and get stuff done at home. He says the workspace was inspired by photos of German industrial designer Dieter Rams’ workspace. Matthew notes:

The Melltorp table is Ikea’s best lesser-known desk option. Add a flipped-over Pluggis for a monitor stand and a few candlesticks for the speakers.

I also have a phobia for visible wires.

For more details, check out his annotated photo on his Flickr photostream.

The (Home)Office 2013 [Flickr]


  • should chop of the front ‘middle’ leg, kinda annoying when you cant have everything centred, and you have to shift out and shift back in when moving from one side to the other side; that’s why i have up on my 2 freedom desk setup and bought a massive corner office desk, enough space of put 27″ on there

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