Steve Jobs Articulates Why Apple Won't Allow Flash On Their Devices

Apple CEO Steve Jobs published an open letter called Thoughts on Flash detailing why Apple doesn't allow Flash to run on their iPhones, iPods and iPads. As Gina points out, it's a solid explanation for the benefits of an open standards web, which very few people would argue with. But the letter — and Jobs's posturing — has plenty to contest.

From Smarterware:

While Jobs says he refuses to put his products "at the mercy" of a third party, that's exactly what Apple asks of all its iPhone app developers, to take the chance that Apple won't distribute their work for arbitrary reasons (they might "confuse" the user, they include porn, they duplicate functionality, they use unapproved hooks). Jobs' letter could be rewritten from a developer to Apple, and I hope someone takes the time to do just that.

Indeed, at nearly every turn where Jobs bashes Adobe, the criticism could just as easily be turned towards the App Store. (Look in the mirror, man!) Rather than detail all the ways in which Apple's products are just as closed as Adobe's, we'll point you back to our argument against buying an iPhone.

For a smart and much more detailed breakdown of Jobs's letter (that goes beyond the "open" hypocrisy), tech writer Adam Banks breaks down Jobs's letter point by point, and is certainly worth a read if this is a topic you're interested in.


    The reason Steve Jobs wont allow flash on his devices is that a lot of the app store is normally just free flash applications, ported to the iPhone and sold for a few bucks. If people could get all these apps for free, the app store would be almost pointless. (almost, because there are still many useful iphone exclusive applications)

    good point about the app store!

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