Use Video Clips To Ensure Your Presentations Don't Bore Your Audience

We've previously highlighted some of the techniques used by just-resigned Apple CEO Steve Jobs to make his presentations compelling. Yesterday, I was reminded of another basic trick that Jobs uses: interjecting video content to ensure the audience doesn't lose its focus.At the annual G-Force conference in Melbourne, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise global sales leader Tom Eggemeir noted that Jobs' presentations generally include some form of video interlude every 10 minutes or so. As Eggemeir explained:

The reason he does that is that he believes your attention span is less than 10 minutes You're going to stop paying attention even if it's Steve Jobs.

Jobs also ensures diversity by bringing on other presenters for demonstrations. That may not be an option in your own presentations, but hunting down a suitable clip from YouTube — like the one above — to change the mood is a strategy worth remembering.


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