Steve Jobs’s Not-So-Minimalist Home Office


You’d expect an empty black slate, cold aluminium and lighting like an Apple Store, if you blindly guessing what Steve Jobs’ home workspace looked like. The reality is, of course, much more human, lived-in and interesting.

Getty Images recently made available an August 2004 photo shoot by Diana Walker, a favourite photographer of Steve Jobs’s, then at Time magazine. The photos were taken a few weeks after Jobs’s surgery to remove a malignant pancreatic tumour. Only three of the 15 photos centre on Jobs’s actual desk in his Palo Alto home, which has a window view, a good bit of paper stacked up, a monitor arm I’ve never seen before, and photos of his kids ready for viewing.

It’s a nice bit of reality check and a rare glimpse into how one of the most notable creators of the last few decades works when he’s at home. We saw Jobs’s ultra-spare apartment from his very early days at Apple in our famous workspaces roundup, but the full set, viewable at, is a richer view of the man himself.

Photo shoot by Diana Walker (Aug 2004) [ via Fortune/]


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