Optus Rolling Out SMS Alerts For Mobile Cap Users

If you regularly find yourself spending more than your mobile cap plan allows, it would be nice to get some notification when you're getting near the limit. Optus is adding that option, with a scheme to send SMS notifications rolling out for its contract customers.

The scheme will send an alert when you have spent 80% of your cap value (as it's not completely real-time, that seems a sensible limit). Unfortunately there's no way to fast-track into this option — you have to wait until Optus sends you a notification text.

Does that sound like a helpful option to you? Already get something similar from your provider? Tell us in the comments.Thanks Grim for the tip!



    I signed up for this last month when i first saw it on my optus account webpage... it didn't work last month i went $35 over my cap :(

    telstra does it for 3g data. problem is I got a text message at quarter to 4 on a saturday morning telling me I was near my limit

    I'm pretty sure they have had this as opt-in for a long time now. At least a couple of years.

    i have a cap of $59 but every month it seems that i have gone over that every month since i joined a couple of years ago

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