Officeworks Has Honoured One Cent Tissue Deal

Officeworks Has Honoured One Cent Tissue Deal

The mistaken listing of a carton of 24 boxes of tissues on sale for a cent might not have stayed up long before Officeworks corrected its mistake, but it seems the chain is honouring the deal for anyone who did place an order while that price was live.

Two readers have left comments on the original post noting that the tissues have arrived. If you also successfully ordered — or if Officeworks sent a “we made a mistake” reply — we’d love to hear about it.


  • I feel a bit bad about this. Sure, if you were surfing the Officeworks site and saw it listed for 1 cent, then by all means. Go nuts. But the people who saw it listed here, where it was quite plainly listed as “almost definitely a mistake” and then thought they’d take their chances are just taking advantage and don’t deserve to get it.

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