Dick Smith Selling MyTab V2 For $129

If you missed out on the HP TouchPad sell-off but have developed an appetite for bargain-priced tablet goodness, Dick Smith is currently selling the second-generation Optus MyTab for $129 (including delivery) from its online store.

The original model MyTab dropped as low as $99, but stocks were pretty scarce, so if this tempts you it's probably worth getting in quickly. There's clearly an appetite for tablet devices that don't have an $600 price tag.

Dick Smith [via OzBargain]


    It's a little tempting, but I can't really justify it when I picked up a TouchPad only yesterday.

    Resistive touchscreen.

    Stay away.

      Resistive screen correct
      But for the quality and sheer usefulness of this device at the price - $129 inc delivery - this is value for sure
      Not as nice to use as an iPad or Xoom but at 1/4 the price it makes a super useful ebook reader and mobile mini-computer. Even the Google Navigation app is good and free making this cheaper than a TomTom/Navman

    it's not worth the coin - give it a miss.

    Is it locked to Optus? Will a Virgin simcard work with it as it uses the optus network?

    i got a mytab 1 (for $99) and am very happy with it. the screen is a bit annoying sometimes, as is the wifi connectivity, but overall it's a big winner!

    "the screen is a bit annoying sometimes, as is the wifi connectivity" exactly what are you still happy with here?

    If you buy one of these you will definitely want to visit this website to investigate custom Roms (which will also remove Optus lock and apps)

    If you want quality and cheap tab goodness, try Suli. There is a distributor in Melbourne, and are v.high specced devices for around the $200 mark. I bought the my-7i for my kid and its great - capacitive touschscreen, hdmi out, dual core ARMcortex8 etc.


    beat the pants of this ZTE made rubbish. I found them thorough ebay

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