HP To Sell Off TouchPad For $98

If you fancy a bargain-priced WebOS device and don't care that HP has ditched the platform, Harvey Norman appears set to sell the device for $98 from 2pm today. I don't imagine stocks will be extensive . . . [Gizmodo]


    They've only got 4800 units to sell across australia, so you'll probably have to get in fast. I'll be trying to grab a couple from my local store at lunch.

    Melbourne City HN has sold all :( missed out by about 5 people :(:(

    Just got one sourced from Moss Vale.
    Had a 32gb model left, thankfully I have a relative that works in the Highlands!

    Brisbane CBD all sold out, they only had about 100 units, maybe less.

    Just called Harveys on the Gold Coast, they're all out.

    Ballarat Harvey Norman has sold out. Managed to snag one of the last 3. The person at the computer desk was told of the sale at 1:45, and now expects a lot of angry phone calls from those who've missed out.

    Fyshwick store in Canberra is sold out

    HP at no point said they have 'ditched the platform'. Just that they will no longer make devices running the platform.

    "While it had made the decision not to continue developing webOS devices, it was “fully committed” to the ongoing support and service of customers who had purchased them"

    Still, I'm looking forward to an android port for this thing.

      Top people are working on that port as we speak.

      Top. People.

        But the whole point is webOS. I don't understand why you'd get this and put android on it.

        People were never buying these things for the hardware. The hardware is what got bad reviews!


          $98 for the hardware is very cheap. $499 for the hardware? There's a lot better options out there.

    Morayfield store north of Brisbane all cleaned out...

    Whirlpool says all of Sydney is sold out.

    Just rang Harvey Norman in Shepparton, Bendigo & Swan Hill.. Shepp & Bendigo sold out.. Sawn Hill said they have 32 left in stock! (I rang them at 4:13pm today)

      All Gone :( just sold last one. 4.53pm.

      anyone else had any luck?

      has anyone tried purchasing from overseas and had luck? im thinking thats the best option

    I think we just found the tablet price point.

      Too right. Imagine if for the first month they sold them at this price, or even firesale price + $50

      They'd build up a MASSIVE user base, practically halt iPad sales for this time & get all sorts of media attention.

      I have a slight suspicion/big hope that it could be the case that HP are just pulling a PR stunt to get users & then releasing a new tab in the future, because from what I hear they're really only confirming hardware halts - though this does raise the question of why they might be selling off phones too :(.

      Wouldn't that be golden.

    South Rd, Moorabbin store sold out. The operator actually asked if I was calling about the touchpad before advising they all went with the hour.

    Every store in Melbourne was sold out by 2:30PM. How did people hear about this? Was it advertised somewhere? And how did people manage to all sneak out of work at 2PM to get one? Am I missing something here?

    Harvey Norman Wagga Wagga store had heaps of units, both the $98 unit & the $148 unit(32gb).

      What time did you snag yours? I happened to ring them at 4-ish and they said they were all sold out?

      I would of loved to grab one of either models.


    What time did you snag yours? I happened to ring them at 4-ish and they said they were all sold out?

    I would of loved to grab one of either models.

    Got a 32gb version at Harvey Norman Mr Gravity. Love it. Using it for this post. Can't believe they dumped a device this good. Email, calendars and everything synced perfectly

    thanks lifehacker,
    saw this post at 1.30 pm went to my local Harvey Norman and was 3rd in the queue, as it got closer to 2pm the queue got pretty large.
    wouldnt have got onto this with out lifehacker

    Picked mine up around 1:30pm, headed to the Woden ACT store as soon as we heard about it. They were sold out by not much after the advertised 2pm sale time.

    Nice bit of kit, especially for $149.

    Ended up with 4, now to get Android on one and Debian on one :D

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