Build Your Own Selzer Maker For Homemade Bubbly Goodness

Build Your Own Selzer Maker For Homemade Bubbly Goodness

Buying lots of soft drink or other effervescent drinks can be expensive (not to mention hard on the environment, with all the plastic bottles). You could get a soda-making machine for a couple of hundred bucks, but a cheaper and more satisfying alternative is to make your own.

Randy Stoltzfus on the Etsy Blog offers an in-depth how-to for creating your own seltzer maker. Besides the CO2 tank and regulator (available at a dry ice or welding gas supply company) and some odd auto parts store items, you’ll just need some basic tools. The photos in this step-by-step make the project look pretty easy to accomplish.

How-Tuesday: Build Your Own Seltzer Maker [Etsy]


    • Yeah, but with the cost of replacement canisters, each 2 litres costs you a little more than home-brand soda water!

      With this system you pay a lot up front – about $200 – but the cost-per-litre of your soda water goes down with every tank refill, eventually hitting around $0.13 a litre.

      Admittedly, you’d need a large family drinking only soda water for about a year to get it down to that cost.

      But still, lifetime value is great and it’d be super convenient.

  • The only issue is storing the CO2 tank as well as being contained (and thus under pressure), exposure to more than a small amount in the air around you is enough to cause death by asphyxiation.

    Additionally you need to ensure that there is no copper/brass fittings that will come into contact with the soda water.

    Soda water in contact with Copper or alloys containing copper (such as Brass) will react producing toxic compounds. If those compounds are ingested, you could become violently ill and/or die. Please take the appropriate precautions, such as using stainless steel fittings and installing a secondary flowback preventer.

    Also CO2 compressed gas can cause frostbite when exiting the tank.

    This may be okay if you ensure you have a gauge visible from the benchtop and take all the necessary precautions. Probably easier just to buy the stuff or a soda stream.

    Also CO2 doesn’t go well into room temp water, it ideally needs to be well refrigerated.

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