Australian Discounts For Facebook Check-Ins

We often hear about the idea that using check-in options on social networking services should let businesses offer you discounts, but wide-scale examples in Australia have been hard to find. However, Facebook appears to have lined up a bunch of local deals for its Places servicein the past week, with Westfield, 7-Eleven and the Commonwealth Bank all offering discounts.

All these check-in deals work in the basic same way: check-in at a given location to receive a discount. Westfield will be trialling discounts at a range of chains in its stores, with Angus & Coote and Cotton On the first to be tested from this week. The Angus & Coote deal offers 30% off full-price jewellery, which seems like a reasonable discount. 7-Eleven is offering 450ML Coke for $1, and the Commonwealth Bank is offering a free monthly movie pass for a year to customers who check-in, open a savings account and then use a credit card. Frankly, that last one sounds a bit complicated. Update: there's also a deal through KFC.

If the idea of disclosing your location via Facebook fills you with horror, you can always disable Places. Will you be tempted to try it for the discounts?


    What does the CBA offer? More money? I'm keen.

    But seriously - "Cartel coffee" in Brisbane CBD is probably the best. Check in for your first time on Foursquare and you get a free coffee (any size, any type), then they'll add you on Facebook and put you on a 'hit list' to get another free coffee when you tell them your name. So basically, two free coffees for telling your friends. Oh- And it's good coffee.

    $1 450ml coke, that's not bad just for a check in. Should be good.

    With the commonwealth bank offer, it's a Debit Mastercard, so you won't need a complicated credit check to set up an account and use it.
    This seems like a pretty sweet deal, the details are here:

      Looks like this dea, much like facebook places, is dead. I was going to go and try it out tomorrow :(

    Doesn't this kind of break Facebooks Promotional Guidelines such as item 3 and item 4?

    Or am I just reading it wrong? I've read it so many times, and I am still not clear about them.

      Actually I thought that too. It surprised me when I read it the first time - especially about checking in. I assumed the whole reason facebook was running places was to compete with foursquare, and that's mostly about checking in to get freebies or discounts.

      It appears that the facebook section you are referring to are actually "guidelines" not any binding terms or conditions. I'm guessing this wording is kind of a loophole.

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