Facebook Places Out In Australia, How To Disable It

Facebook Places Out In Australia, How To Disable It

Facebook’s at-times-controversial location service Places has begun rolling out to Australian users from today. Fortunately, if you don’t fancy the idea of letting anyone who knows you broadcast where you are, it’s possible to switch it off.

Once signed into Facebook, click on the Account button, choose Privacy Settings and click on Customize settings. Under ‘Places I check in to’, choose Customize, and choose ‘Only Me’. Also make sure that you haven’t ticked the Enable box next to ‘Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in’. Further down the screen, find ‘Friends can check me into Places’ and click on Edit Settings, select Disabled, click Okay and you’re good to go.

Update: You also need to disable access to your location by applications your friends use. From the main Privacy settings page, click on Applications and Websites at the bottom right, find ‘Info accessible through your friends’ and click Edit settings. Make sure ‘Places you check in to’ isn’t selected (and deselect everything else as well unless you’re a heavy apps user).

This is yet another example of Facebook making its privacy-related settings far more fiddly to disable than seems necessary — four settings to switch off one feature, for crying out loud! — but it can be done.

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    • Your friends can check you in on your behalf though. “Oh Brent is here at the Public Swimming Pool! I’ll check him into Places”…”Lame Friend is at the Public Swimming Pool with Brent”

      So its worth at the very least disabling that option.

  • On another note, I don’t see a big problem with Places as long as you set it to Friends Only and don’t have any stalkers or people who would break into your house as your friends. I could see it being quite useful.

    EG. Sunday arvo at home considering going to the pub for an afternoon beer on the deck, notice on Facebook a few friends already there… Off I go.

    • So you haven’t noticed how strongly every application pushes you to have a large amount of friends playing with you? I don’t think I know 500 friends (Mafia wars for example) but I accept friends of friends to get those bonuses. That doesn’t mean I want them knowing where I live.

      I see very little added value and a whole lot of concern over this ‘feature’.

  • I don’t mind the feature either, there’s the potential to have a convenient way to socialise – not just online, but in the real world.

    I had to laugh at the “Gen X” bias of your headline though – “Facebook introduces a potentially fun and clever way to interact with your friends… here’s how to turn it off”. ;o)

    • You are right, it could be good. But most of the people I see who have used Places so far have used it for pretty menial things which they’ve already updated their status for.

      Eg. Anna has checked into “Footy Park”

      Anna is at footy park for the SANFL Grand Final zOMG!

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