Tumblr For iPhone 2.0 Makes Managing Tumblr Blogs Easier On The Go

iOS: If you don’t have a Tumblr blog, it might be time to get one. Tumblr for iPhone 2.0 launched earlier this week with a new interface that makes it easier than ever to follow popular blogs and post messages, photos and videos to your own.

The new Tumblr app sports a new interface with buttons on the home screen that let you share photos, video, music or links on your Tumblr blog with two taps. You can read blogs you follow, follow new ones, see liked posts, or access your dashboard just as easily.

If you’re not a current Tumblr user, you can even sign up right through the mobile app. It’s been a long time since we talked about Tumblr, but it’s still a great and easy way to share on the Web. Tumblr for iPhone 2.0 is free in the iTunes App Store.

Tumblr for iPhone 2.0 [iTunes App Store via ReadWriteWeb]


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