Stop Cling Wrap From Tangling By Storing It In The Freezer

Stop Cling Wrap From Tangling By Storing It In The Freezer

Cling wrap is useful for keeping food fresh, stopping microwave splatters and even storing paint rollers, but applying large amounts can be tricky when it tangles up and sticks to itself. An easy way to avoid that issue is to store it in the freezer.

I was a bit sceptical when I first got told this hint by a friend, but after testing I can confirm that it works pretty well. Freezing doesn’t make the wrap solid, but it does stop it from sticking to itself. You might not want to freeze the cardboard box the wrap is supplied in, but you can easily trim the wrap using kitchen scissors rather than box’s serrated edge — a strategy which also makes it less likely you’ll waste it.


    • Short answer: why not?

      Long answer: I always buy replacements as soon as I’ve started on a new item. I don’t use a lot of marg, so having one in the freezer makes sense. Thaws out no problem.

  • I’d suspect that the freezer makes it “not stick” because a thin layer of moisture is freezing on the cling wrap (just like everything else in the freezer). When you pull it out of the freezer, and unroll it, it’s still cold enough to condense a tiny amount of water, which probably evaps away by the time you cut and apply it to the container.

    Ever notice that once cling wrap gets “wet” (by putting it over something hot that has steam) it doesn’t stick to itself or anything else until it’s dry?

    Who knows – would have to try it for myself and have a look.

  • Better idea… get a caterer’s pack that has a decent guillotine slide on it, keep the cling wrap IN the box like it’s sposed to and hey presto, no dramas.

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