Wrap Your Phone In Cling Wrap To Keep Sand Out When At The Beach

Hate sand getting in your headphones and charging ports whenever you go to the beach? A tip on Reddit suggests applying a large piece of cling wrap onto the touchscreen and then wrapping it around to the back so that all ports are covered.

Photo by Alistair Jeffs

The touchscreen should still work, and you shouldn't have overheating issues unless you keep it wrapped up all day. Keep in mind that this process does not make your phone waterproof, so if you plan on getting wet, you may want to put your phone in a freezer bag instead. The disadvantage of using freezer bags is that many people will take their phone out of the freezer bag a few times for texting or whatnot, and that is when sand gets in the device. You could always do both, but then you'd probably have to worry more about overheating.

LTP: Wrap your touchscreen phone in saran wrap if you're going to the beach. You can still use it and sand won't get in the ports. [Reddit]


    Man, can't we even go to the beach without needing our phones now???

    or you could just use a sandwhich snaplock bag !!! I use those all the time to protect my phone from moisture while im out riding. much easier than fiddling with cling wrap and the touch screen still works normally.

      I second using snap-lock bags! been using them for a while now

    Or, leave your phone alone for 2 hours and enjoy the fact that you're at the beach.

    I've done either this or glad bags for a long time. Will never go to an outdoor concert without it.

    Seems an interesting time of the year to post this *looks out the window*

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