iiNet NBN Pricing: 12 Options To Choose From

iiNet NBN Pricing: 12 Options To Choose From

We’ve already seen NBN pricing from Internode and Exetel, and now iiNet has joined the fray. It has three plans on offer, each of which is available at a range of four speeds, priced between $49.95 and $99.95 a month. That’s the kind of arrangement more easily explained in a table:

All the plans include a peak (8am-2am) and offpeak (2am-8am) components. There’s no excess charges, but if you exceed the quota, you’ll drop to 256/256 for the rest of that month. Both uploads and downloads count against the quota. All the plans are on a 24-month contract, and presume that you’ll use a BoB device (which can be purchased outright for $199 or rented for $9.95 a month).

iiNet doesn’t have as cheap an entry-level option as Exetel, but at the top end it offers more downloads (albeit only if you use both peak and off-oeak options). Internode’s pricing is higher, but it does have bigger outright data packages available (and I’m still expecting its prices will change at some point anyway). For the same amount of money on existing iiNet ADSL2+ plans, you get more data: $49.95 a month gets you 100+100, for instance, rather than 20+20 — so there is a trade-off between speed and download volumes. What are your thoughts on the new plans?



  • so is anyone else not surprised that the NBN is going to cost more and deliver less data (but at a higher speed of course)? I am an ADSL2 customer and I get a 6Mbit connection that does great streaming and voip and surfing, what is the NBN going to offer me?

    • I am going to presume you live in a capital city, or close to? First, those prices, even when I pick the 100Mbps plan taking the same amount of downloads I get from telstra(200gb) is still cheaper than what I pay. Telstra is currently the best value for money plan that I can get where I live(Cairns, so not a big place, but not a small one). You have to realise that, while the majority of people in Australia live in capital cities, not all of them can get good internet deals, and many of them are on ageing copper that is getting worse and worse every day.

    • That question was probably raised when ADSL/ADSL2+/UMTS were being introduced. I.e. feeling of complacent with what we can do with current technologies.

      The answer will be clearer when the infrastructure is there and the technology comes to speed to align with it.

    • I don’t think its more expensive, at the moment i pay $50 for 25/25 12Mb, but i also have to pay $30 for line rental (ok i don’t at this point but i will soon so lets just say i do), so its really $80.

      If i understand the NBN correctly for that price on iiNet NBN i can get 100/100 downloads and 100/40 speeds (line rental included in the $80) i think that is an awesome deal, it would definitely make all the remote database work i do fly.

  • They look pretty par-for-the-course so far. And, at the face of it, don’t seem to deliver good value compared to a lot of ADSL/ADSL2+ deals available.

    However, I’m really not taking any of these prices as complete gospel until we start to see large-scale rollout of the NBN and a jump in the number of people subscribing to NBN plans.

    The prices will drop when there’s more than a few thousand people with the ability to connect to the NBN.

  • Prices look very good to me. 100GB + 100GB at a guaranteed speed of 25/5Mbps for $65 is pretty bloody awesome. At present my ADSL2+ runs at 13/0.8Mbps and I pay $60 for $150, so it compares quite nicely.

  • Well, my current 200Gb from Telstra at supposed ADSL2 speed costs me pretty much $80. Now you would think that ADSL2 is supposed to be fast? Well, my speed as measured by indicates I get approximately 1.8 down and 0.5 up.

    Wow!! That’s killer speed!! Telstra have looked into the problem and decided there is nothing they can do to improve the situation!!

    It’s their bloody network, cables and equipment!!

    Bring on the NBN and piss off this monopolistic bunch of pricks.

    Finally we might have a network that is usable by those outside of a capital city.

    Oh, and I’m not in a rural area. I live on the Central Coast of NSW. We pay Sydney prices for everything so it would be nice to access Sydney type services!!

    ‘Nuff said.

    • I dont think you understand how the internet and backbones work.

      it wont matter what you can get from the MSE to your house, it will matter on the backbone NBN link – which i cant imagine will be that good.

  • I still don’t get why there are price points for speed. It seems a bit 2000’s to cripple a new network by speed stepping it. Downloading something 10gb at 12mb or 100mb is still a 10gb download

      • Sorry tim do not agree with you, other countries don’t limit downloads and pick either to limit on download speeds OR download capacity… I’m sure Australia could manage the same… we have just become a very greedy country (hence why we have made it to the top 10 most expensive cities in the world of recent, plain and simple!) Stop trying to help justify them ripping us of whilst their pockets get lines very nicely at our expense, We are paying a bucket load of money for this dam network and we are getting ripped off to access it as well.

  • Even the slowest NBN speed 12Mbps is faster than my current ADSL2 copper connection which is 8Mbps (because i’m a fair distance from the exchange). I don’t like the uploads counting though.
    I’ll see what TPG offers – because it sounds like the service is all just white label – so you’re better off just getting the cheapest deal.
    I’m in the second release of NBN – November 2011 rollout begins.

  • The problem is that people expected the top fibre speed at current ADSL prices. Why I am not sure. Clearly this is a better service and should be priced accordingly?

    • Hi Wishihadfibre, what I expect is a service that is at a minimum comparable to current ADSL2+ plans (eg, $50 for 500GB downloads and NOT including uploads!) To be honest I was expecting something more along the lines of Unlimited downloads at a slightly higher speed of 25/5 and would think it to be reasonable… limiting both speed and capacity is just ridiculous. This network is costing us all an absolute bucket load of money and interest over many years I expect it to run ALLOT better than what we currently have right now, other countries are rolling out 1Gbps fibre and yet our entry is set at 0.012gbps and costs more than current ADSL2+ services!

  • Hmm, In Toowoomba I’m getting 150/150M at 24M/1M, for about $60.00 with iprimus! So unless they bring the price down, I don’t know if it’s going to worth my money, Yet! It is free to connect to the house though, isn’t it? otherwise that’s another issue! #]

    • I agree, 256/256 is a major decrease. The shaped speed should be just enough to fulfil the requirements for maybe 4-5 people to comfortably browse the web (i.e. normal usage). That would call for at least 256/256 or even 512/512 per user, so maybe between 1-2Mbit would be reasonable, but 256k? That’s outrageous!

  • Hopefully the prices drop as adoption of the service rises, because at these sort of prices there is no way I’m switching my service over. I currently pay ~$60 a month for unlimited downloads (of which I probably use ~1-2TB per month) and I get a fairly consistent 22Mbit Down speed with a 1Mbit Up speed. The only thing the NBN would offer me (for $15 extra a month on a comparable speed) is a more stable connection with marginally better download speeds (although much faster uploads), but I would have to severely restrict my bandwidth usage!

    • The joke of this whole thing is a friend that lives in South Brisbane has recived a letter saying he’s having to switch to the newly installed fibre internet as Telstra is ripping out all copper in he’s area. This means he loses he’s TRUE unlimited (upload and downloads), he’s current connection is at around 19Mpbs (downloads are just over 2MB/s constant). Telstra is the only provider offering Fibre in the area right now and it’s going to cost him MORE than twice for what he’s currently paying and the new fibre is including uploads and he’s download limit is ridiculous even at this price, he’s fuming as I would be as well (he also streams international HD TV which is no longer going to be possible for him as he will chew through he’s download limit in about a day with Telstra’s pathetic offer to him… he’s currently got a call in with the TIO but they’ve basically said there is nothing he can do.. go figure!)

  • For those complaining about what the NBN will do for them – the NBN isn’t built for people RIGHT NOW, or be super competitive RIGHT NOW, it is infrastructure for the future. In time it will be cheaper and faster than the rest of the world.
    Look back to the days when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built – at the time of designing it, there were only 5 cars in Sydney! Everyone thought it was a waste of money then too.

    • Although that may be true, just look at the expected completion date… By then the planned technology will still be lagging behind the rest of the developed world by a fairly significant margin. The US already have unlimited plans, i.e. you pay for access at a speed for the month, no download limits. The UK for quite some time have had 100Mbit unlimited for about the same price as iinet’s proposed 100/40Mbit 100GB plan (which includes line rental and an unlimited backup service). Furthermore, pretty much all fibre implementations use symmetrical bandwidth systems, what’s with this 100/40 shit? How is anyone supposed to get the most out of a 100Mbit fibre connection with a 40Mbit upload speed?

      Don’t get me wrong, the NBN is a good thing, I’m just afraid it’s too little, too late. Current planning for the network will only just put us in line with what the rest of the western world has had access to for many years, but we still get shaped, and ISP’s are still price gouging. By 2020 when the project is due to be completed we will be way behind!

      Get your facts straight… the NBN is old tech and should have been implemented years ago.

      So in direct reply to you, Rinaz, the NBN IS built for people NOW, and should be competitive NOW. Although it may be infrastructure for the future, it is also infrastructure for now, and is long overdue (by at least 10 years!). Furthermore, it will not be cheaper and faster than the rest of the world any time soon, or in the foreseeable future, as it is only just offering what the rest of the world already has albeit at a much higher cost (keeping in mind that we are still getting abused as customers what with the likes of shaping below what is universally considered to be basic broadband speeds, not to mention the other things!).

      Australia’s policy makers have failed to address this key issue for too long, and we have become so far behind the rest of the world with regards to communication technology that our entire economy and culture is being severely restricted by lack of access to sufficient communications technology. You will find that once you have a Fibre connection humming along at 100Mbit, you will be gasping for more bandwidth because you will actually be able to utilise what the internet can offer.

      • Could not agree with you more, it’s a joke that I hope they address shortly but I just can’t see it happing any time soon, I would have expected 1Gbps to be offered right up front, why do this massive rollout when other countries are already upgrading to 1Gbps yet we want to start at 100Mbps and let me guess once that’s done lets rip out all the old equipment sitting at the exchanges and purchase 1Gpbs equipment again.. What is wrong with these people? I would have expected at least the major cities of Australia to be offering 1Gbps and either limit speed or capacity NOT both!

  • This article doesn’t seem to take into account the extra for the copper phone line rental.

    And when compared to Naked ADSL plans, these NBN plans are better value.

    • Hi Mark, I suggest you shop around as you might be with an ISP that has not updated there plans to current offerings in the market. You can get True unlimited download plans (NO off peak/on peak rubbish) with ADSL2+ speeds (upto 24Mbps if you are close to the exchange), No shaping speeds, no upload data being counted..etc..etc.. for around $59 now days.. when you compare that to the ‘new’ plans about it’s still far to expensive… They are limiting you on both speed and download and uploads then shaping you to crazy speeds..etc..etc.. it’s just ludicrous.

  • 1Tb is a good amount of data for now, but I’d still appreciate a bit more
    Case study: When we upgraded our upstream to 10Mbit, our remote office and work-from-home employee roughly quintupled their data usage – Because it was fast enough that they could treat the WAN as if it were their LAN. Everything went on the one fileserver and people stopped saving things to their desktops and inevitably “forgetting to copy the latest version”.
    40Mbits will be great (at affordable prices), but I suspect that for our small business that 1Tb won’t go as far as I might think

  • What is the point of having fast speeds when you do not have the downloads to match. It like getting a fast car and only being able to drive it 1km. The ride will be over pretty quick.

  • I don’t know anything about the technology NBN is using, will I ever have to worry about my speed reducing due to more people in the area being switched on? For example, like cable? I am using cable right now and my speed fluctuates between 50mbps and 94mbps (I’m on Telstra’s 100mbps cable service) which greatly annoys me.
    These prices seem great to me. Our house will definitely go on the highest speed available (most expensive plan) when the NBN comes around. Though I’m waiting for Telstra to annouce their plans.

  • Fact-1: I can CURRENTLY download well OVER 100GB with EASE with my ADSL plan in well under 1 Day.

    Fact-2: If you pay $100 and take the 100Mbps connection with 500GB of data you could exceed your monthly download limit in less than 12 hours!

    Need I say more?

  • Depends where you live I suppose, I for one will be getting the nbn simply because my download speed is slow (although claims 18mbps I’d say I rarely get that and real life speed is more like 2-3mbps.) Also that $99 plan is more than what I’m getting now with optus! (granted its 500gb + homephone for $129)

    • My recollection is that they said it would be easily upgraded to gigabit by design, not that it would be gigabit to consumers at launch. But I will look into it.

      • Thanks Angus. My recollection is it being a supplementary question at a press conference when they were discussing if it was a good idea or not, the question was if the NBN was a good idea why was it 100 mBit and not gigabit.

        An uneasy Conroy turned questioningly to Quigley, who confirmed it would be gigabit.

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