iiNet NBN Pricing: 12 Options To Choose From

We’ve already seen NBN pricing from Internode and Exetel, and now iiNet has joined the fray. It has three plans on offer, each of which is available at a range of four speeds, priced between $49.95 and $99.95 a month. That’s the kind of arrangement more easily explained in a table:

All the plans include a peak (8am-2am) and offpeak (2am-8am) components. There’s no excess charges, but if you exceed the quota, you’ll drop to 256/256 for the rest of that month. Both uploads and downloads count against the quota. All the plans are on a 24-month contract, and presume that you’ll use a BoB device (which can be purchased outright for $199 or rented for $9.95 a month).

iiNet doesn’t have as cheap an entry-level option as Exetel, but at the top end it offers more downloads (albeit only if you use both peak and off-oeak options). Internode’s pricing is higher, but it does have bigger outright data packages available (and I’m still expecting its prices will change at some point anyway). For the same amount of money on existing iiNet ADSL2+ plans, you get more data: $49.95 a month gets you 100+100, for instance, rather than 20+20 — so there is a trade-off between speed and download volumes. What are your thoughts on the new plans?


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