Exetel Dumps Prepaid 3G Broadband Plans

Exetel Dumps Prepaid 3G Broadband Plans

Exetel Dumps Prepaid 3G Broadband PlansExetel appears to have eliminated its prepaid 3G broadband options, effectively requiring customers to sign up to long-term month-to-month contracts or pay a penalty fee if they decide to switch providers.

Several Lifehacker readers emailed in to point out that the options available from Exetel (which resells access to the Optus network) had changed. On visiting the company site, it turns out that while there are still conditions for prepaid 3G broadband on the site, the page listing prepaid plans (and which we used to assemble our recent Planhacker guide to prepaid 3G data options) has been removed.

Exetel’s postpaid plans remain available, including an ultra-cheap $5 a month option that doesn’t have any data inclusions, a potentially appealing choice for very occasional users. However, you get slapped with a $100 fine if you quit before 12 months on the $5 plan. Doesn’t sound that much different to a contract to us (and in the case of the $5 a month cost, more expensive than just sitting it out).


  • I just looked at my prepaid recharge panel. The prices are now much higher as well!!! I use to be able to get 2gb for 90 days @ $30 now see below.

    RR0600 600 MB $15.00 15 Days
    RR0750 750 MB $20.00 15 Days
    RR1250 1250 MB $30.00 30 Days
    RR2500 2500 MB $40.00 30 Days
    RR3500 3500 MB $50.00 30 Days
    RR4750 4750 MB $70.00 60 Days
    RR7000 7000 MB $100.00 60 Days

  • Surely if they are discontinuing the service, they will waive the $100 fee for cancelling. The customer isn’t cancelling the service, the service just doesn’t exist anymore!

  • Erm – the website says that the $0 per month plan you mention has a 12month contract period, and has a $100 cancellation fee. There is no mention of a cancellation fee on the other post-paid plans. Please provide a link to where you get this info from, or perhaps modify your story.

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