Evernote For Android Adds Rich Text, New Widget, Tablet Support

Evernote just pumped up its Android app with a number of handy features, most notably rich text entry. Now you can create notes with styles like bold and italics, bullet points, numbered lists and even checkboxes (grocery lists, anyone?).There's also a new, larger widget that shows recent notes, speed improvements, and a great new tablet interface (shown above). Hit the link to read more, or head straight to the Android Market to download it. [Evernote Blog]


    New features are great Evernote, but how about finally implementing the basic (and much requested) function of being able to rotate images from within the app?!?!
    Evernote on my mobile remains utterly useless to me until that's implemented.

      Utterly useless, Kai? Are you using the same app as everyone else? This new update has finally brought it up to date with the desktop version - much more important than rotating images.

    I finally downloaded it and was not impressed that it doesn't work without an account. I understand that's required to sync to the web, but I don't want to use that functionality. Add to that it needs access to every bit of personal information on my phone and I had little choice but to uninstall.

    @inja - you're surprised that an app designed purely to sync notes between your devices and the cloud does exactly that?

    Does not compute.

      @Vaughan - Yeah, I was scratching my head as well...

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