Winamp For Android Gets Better Streaming, More Free Music

Android: Previously mentioned Winamp for Android already a great music player, mostly due to being free, being snappy and having Wi-Fi sync. Now its streaming music support is getting beefed up with more SHOUTcast stations, a better streaming engine, and free full-length CD streaming.

Unfortunately, the full-length CDs are only through AOL's Full CD Listening Party service, not anything you upload yourself.

At the moment, there are only 25 albums available through Full CD Listening Party, but they do include a wide array of artists (from Depeche Mode remixes to a NOW That's What I Call Music release). SHOUTcast is another story. There are more SHOUTcast stations than can be counted in any reasonable amount of time, and the new streaming engine does a pretty good job of using them.

Winamp [Android Market]


    Wish they would let you add your own already.

    Crashes when I try to set up Wifi sync - ASUS Transformer

    mspot will stream anything you upload yourself. Also, google music works for streamin(just use a vpn to sign up if you are outside the US).

    Mmmmm used Winamp for ages, then tried PowerAMP... Winamp sucks balls after using PowerAMP now.

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