Winamp Rises From The Ashes, Will Live On Under Radionomy

Winamp Rises From the Ashes, Will Live On Under Radionomy

Good news, everyone! Winamp, one of the internet's favourite music players, will live to see another day. The program has been bought by digital audio company Radionomy.

Radionomy has purchased both Winamp and the Shoutcast service from AOL, and both will continue to function in much the same way they do today. While Winamp may not be our pick for best music player application any more, we're still glad to see it's not going to die.

AOL Sells Winamp And Shoutcast For $US5-10M To Radionomy, Takes 12% Stake In Belgian Digital Audio Startup [TechCrunch]


    Happy news this! Joy!!!

    Happy that the most beautiful visualization software, AVS, will continue to live on as well.

      I'm pretty happy with the news also, I used Winamp throughout my childhood. I have now been using Foobar2000 recently though and imported the AVS into it!

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