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Whether you have vinyl records handed down to you, you're a chart-topping DJ or you're getting into vinyl for the first time, you're going to need a decent record player. One that's reliable, durable and easy to maintain. Here are five of the best.


Android: Whether you want a music player that's just fun and easy to use, or you want one that gives you control over how your music sounds when you play it, FlipBeats is a new Android player that's worth a look. The EQ options in the advanced settings and preset choices in the basic settings are fun to tweak and play with.


Everyone has a favourite desktop music player. For some of us, it's the one that plays our music fast, with no fuss or hassle. For others it's a tool that organises your playlists, syncs with your smartphone, makes your music collection easy to dig through, and looks good while doing it. This week we're going to look at five of the best desktop music players, based on your nominations.


Android: Music Player (Remix) is one of the most feature-rich music players we've ever seen. The app features a swipe-up "now playing" widget you can access from anywhere on your phone, an in-app Wikipedia browser for music info, multiple library views and playback position bookmarks.


iOS: Throwing your music into shuffle mode is useful when you're not sure what you want to listen to, but doing so prevents you from keeping albums grouped together. TuneTangler is a simple app that shuffles albums rather than songs.


iOS: Apple's Genius does a good job at suggesting songs that you might like based on your ratings, but Groove is a music player that does the work for you. All you have to do is listen to your music, and the app takes over from there. It'll build custom playlists based on what you like, act like a personal DJ, automatically tag your tunes, download album art for you and more.


iOS: The stock music player in iOS is functional, but it definitely has room for improvement, especially in the looks department. Track 8 is an alternative player that takes a few design cues from the Windows 8 Metro UI, and manages to be elegant, attractive and fun to use.


Dear Lifehacker, I am an iPod user from way back, and have just recently purchased an Android phone. I still manage all my music and podcast downloads through iTunes as I still have an iPod. Anyone who uses iPods or iPhones will know that they have a nifty ability to remember the exact position in a podcast, even if you begin to play something else. To date, I have been unable to reproduce this effect on an Android device without having to use a completely different piece of software to manage and download my podcasts. Is there an app that can achieve this? Thanks, Restarted


Android: A new version of the Android Market leaked out onto the web today containing a new music player stable enough to use. The new stock player sports an improved interface, recent listening history, and some neat touch controls. The updated player even adds feature for cloud-based streaming — they're just not available yet.