Veggie Ipsum Generates Placeholder Text Loaded With Vegetables

When we featured bacon-centric placeholder text generator Bacon Ipsum last week, we noted that it wasn't suitable for vegetarians. Veggie Ipsum fills that gap, producing a list of vegetables you can copy and paste into design projects.

Like Bacon Ipsum, the site uses American food naming conventions. That's even more obvious when you're talking about vegetables, but in the end it's nonsense text and not worth stressing over too much. At least it won't offend any militant vegan designers you know.

Veggie Ipsum


    Yeah because murdering a victim that can't run away or scream is so much more ethical...on paper.


    What's next? Quran Lorem Ipsum?

    We've updated Veggie ipsum to include Australian vegetable names.

    Quandong courgette beetroot caulie bush tomato.

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