Strewth! Bogan Ipsum Gives You Aussie Filler Text

The latest addition to our growing gallery of lorem ipsum generators has a distinctly Aussie touch. If you don't like bacon and find Samuel L Jackson too profane, Bogan Ipsum offers yet another source of random text for use in design projects.

There's nothing in the way of customisation here; every time you visit the site, it produces a random sequence of over-the-top Aussie phrases. Swearwords get asterisks added, so this is a less risky choice than the aforementioned Mr Jackson. Bonza! Our only suggested improvement: a less obvious wig for the picture.

Bogan Ipsum


    Bloody hell,.. don't encourage em...! #}

    Choice !!! I know just the people that will be laughing their A**es off on this one :)

    What wig? That's Blaz's real hair!! ;-)

    Bonza! Mad as a cut snake!

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