Bacon Ipsum Gives Meaty Placeholder Text

Bacon Ipsum Gives Meaty Placeholder Text

Lorem ipsum remains the standard form of placeholder text for mocking up designs, and we’ve featured various applications to help generate it. If you want something more amusing for your placeholder text, Bacon Ipsum automatically generates a list of meat products.

There’s not much more to it than that: hit the site, specify how many paragraphs you want, and whether you want Latin mixed in or nothing but pure meaty goodness. Select and copy and you’re good to go. Note: not suitable for vegetarians.

Bacon Ipsum [via Gizmodo]


  • while it’s funny, amusing text tends to p*** off both clients and designers–for fear some might take it for serious. Standard lorem rules supreme, but occasionally exotic char sets do the trick too, say, Russian or Greek. Looks familiar but it’s not intelligible–provided native speakers won’t discover anything offensive. This generator does a fairly good job in that regard.

  • Yeah, I like it, but people I know don’t speak or Greek or Mexican or whatever language that “Lorry Epson” stuff is in. Can you change it to real text so that my clients know what we speak English?

    And I see you’ve called it “Dummy text”. My clients aren’t dummies, so change it immediately so they don’t find out and get insulted.

    If you need to use blank text to show me what the text would look like with text, try that Bacon Ipswitch site. It’s real words, but means nothing.

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