Mapnificent Reminds Us That We Need More Australian Public Transport Data On Google Maps

Mapnificent Reminds Us That We Need More Australian Public Transport Data On Google Maps

Mapnificent is a nifty idea: letting you know how far you can travel on public transport from a given location within a set timeframe. But because only a handful of Australian cities have integrated public transport data on Google Maps, Mapnificent is restricted to just Adelaide and Perth right now.

If you are in either of those fine cities, then Mapnificent offers an interesting window on planning day trips, or even just choosing somewhere for everyone to go for lunch away from the office. I’d love to see it rolled out in more cities, and what that really means is that I’d love state governments to get off their data-hogging high horses and put some effort into integrating timetable data into Google Maps. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until it happens.



  • Looking at Google Transit now, only Perth, Adelaide and Sydney seem to be covered. That’s a step back from when you look at it last (as linked in this article) with Cairns and Canberra gone AWOL but picking up Sydney Monorail and Light Rail.


    Perth is covered on both fronts here 😉

    • Transperth realised their system was horrible, and integrated with google maps the first chance they got – I think they were the first city in australia to do it.

      Ever since then, google maps has been infinitely better than the transperth journey planner. All google needs is integrated bus timetables and we’d never need to go to the transperth website again.

  • Probably because if we knew the real data, we’d have prove that our public transport system is both unreliable and horrendously inefficient

    • True but technically it’s our (the people/tax payers) data so screw them. Provided we can prove enough of us want the data to be publicly available. So how do we do that?…

  • Typed my home->work address into Google Transit. 50 minute 2-stage trip to get to work on public transport is the best option. 15 minutes in the car. People wonder why we don’t use public transport in Perth.

  • public transport in perth is fine as long as you live close to the train and you want to get somewhere along the train lines.
    as soon as you go for buses things can be quite variable.

    some sections are horribly serviced and the time between services is so bad you might as well walk.

    it just means that if you know you rely on public transport then you should carefully choose where you live

  • The only reason why this is info is on google maps is because TransPerth are all about bugging you for info on its “national best” transport system (eg monthly surveys for smart rider users).

    I do admit it is good, i used to be forced to Google and TransPerth at the same time but now I can use either to find out the whole trip, where i need to walk between connections, ways to speed up the trip (walk around the block instead of waiting for the bus to go up the road to come back.

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