Android Google Maps Enhances Public Transport Information

One of Google Maps' most useful options is the ability to give public transport directions. complete with timing, in many capital cities (including most recently Sydney). An update to the Android Google Maps app enhances that process further, giving you the option of viewing just one kind of public transport in its layers.

That can be especially helpful in CBD areas, where there are often multiple options and tracking individual routes can be tricky. Version 6.10 also tweaks the display of station information and the Location History dashboard.

Our remaining message? Get on with opening up your data so Google and others can use it, state governments in Victoria and Queensland. If you want people to use public transport, this is such a no-brainer. The slackness in making it happen is deplorable. Google says it now covers more than one million stops; it's time to add to that list with more Aussie information.

Google Maps now has schedules for more than one million public transit stops worldwide [Official Google Blog]


    As a Queenslander and routine user of public transport (I don't drive, so PT is the only way for me to get around), I would find it nice for Google to have Brisbane's PT system intergrated. However, when the TransLink website updated a few months ago, it intergrated Google Maps into its system, so now any trips you research will include a map (which includes walking from origin to embarkation point, transfers, and from disembarkation point to destination). What I am curious about is why this integration was only one-way.

    So to sum it up, while it'd be a nice feature, especially for visitors who aren't familiar with the TransLink website, not having Brisbane's PT system on Google Maps isn't a HUGE problem. Yet.

      Just a shame they fucked up absolutely everything else with that update.

    Victoria have really a horrible user experience on both their website and official apps. I really hope they give google the data soon.

    If you look at the Translink website, they have integrated Maps into it already, so I am assuming the GTFS info is already created but they don't want to push it to Google Maps directly. Instead you have to visit their stupid site. Fail.

    Translink is to be no more soon. I doubt we'll see integration for a long time.

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