Circular Quay Free Rail Wi-Fi To Continue Until End Of 2011

The offer of free Wi-Fi at Circular Quay station in Sydney was originally only supposed to run three months, but the signage still remains very visible at the station. Now Cityrail has confirmed that the free offer will continue until the end of this year, though there's no clear timetable on when (or if) the service will get expanded.Andrew Colley at AustralianIT reports that Cityrail has confirmed that the trial will continue until the end of the year, but further expansion of Wi-Fi to other parts of the network won't happen until an organisational restructure of public transport in NSW is completed. Pro tip: if you're in the vicinity of Circular Quay, it's easier (and less restrictive) to log onto the free ferry service instead.

Cityrail free WiFi trial rolls on [AustralianIT]


    Does anyone use this at Circular Quay?
    I travel to and from Circular Quay train station every day to get to work. I connected to the free wifi once when the "trial" first started, by the time I connected my train arrived and I have never tried since as I have never been sitting on the station long enough to bother.
    How about free wifi ON trains?

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