Sydney Gets Free Wi-Fi Trial At Circular Quay Station

Sydney Gets Free Wi-Fi Trial At Circular Quay Station

Queensland is promising free Wi-Fi on Citytrain, and Melbourne has seen a couple of free Wi-Fi deals at Southern Cross station. Now NSW is getting in on the act, with a three-month trial of Wi-Fi access at Circular Quay station in Sydney.

The service on offer isn’t an all-you-can-eat guzzle-fest — you can’t connect for more than 20 minutes or access more than 50MB of data, but that’s enough for some quick email-checking, or browsing to the Cityrail site to find out when your connecting train is due. If you’ve given it a try, tell us how it performs in the comments.



  • Boy is it slow…
    I connected on my Samsung Galaxy S yesterday and the day before and as a test went to update some of my Market applications. I didn’t even manage 500kb in the 5 min wait for my train.

    But I’m still super glad it’s there for emails and notifications. Thumbs up!

  • I used it the other day and it worked well. The main annoyance as with most free wifi is you have to open a web browser to agree to the terms and conditions. When your trying to use an app on your phone that needs internet its annoying to have to open the browser first.

  • I haven’t tried it yet, but I work in the area so I’ll give it a go in the next few days. That being said, I don’t quite understand the point. Surely most, if not all, phones that have wifi also have 3G. Given the limit of 50mb and the comments regarding speed I don’t really see the value.

    Now if it was ON the train, that I can understand.

    Have I missed something here ?

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