Dealhacker: Get Six Months Of Free Wi-Fi With Telstra

Dealhacker: Get Six Months Of Free Wi-Fi With Telstra

Telstra Air network

Starting today, eligible Telstra customers can connect to the telco’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots without being charged. (Access passes cost between $6.60 and $23 for non-Telstra customers.) Previously, Telstra home broadband users could connect for free, but this required the user to share a small portion of their home Internet connection publicly.

The network currently encompass more than 250 cities and towns around Australia with thousands of individual hotspots in popular areas. In addition to using Telstra hotspots around Australia, home broadband customers will also be able to use overseas ‘Fon Spots’ for free. (The catch is that you’re not allowed to exceed your usual data allowance.)

To get connected, simply check your eligibility and then sign up to the service. You can also download the Telstra Air app to help you find and connect to hotspots. Alternatively, the nearest hotspots to your location can be found here.


  • Translation: Telstra just spent millions turning their pay phones into wifi hotspots that no-one wants.

    Have you ever tried to use one? It’s pretty horrible.

    But there is an even more sinister side to this. I have one of these in my building, presumable someone without the technical savvy to realise that telstra is using their broadband connection to resell wifi. What makes it sinister is that if you connect to a spot in public, and then come home to a building with one of these in-home shared hotspots, you could find yourself connecting to that in favour of your home wifi, and could be paying through the nose for high-priced, low quality, insecure wifi.

    I spent 15 minutes trying to get an android table to not connect to fone and connect to my wifi instead.

    This is a bad idea… a very bad idea. The brainchild of a few idiots in a boardroom who have no idea of the havoc they are unleashing. Fortunately it will all be an unprofitable disaster and will go away after 18 months.

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