Vacuum-Seal Food With A Bike Pump And Some Ziploc Bags

Image: Make

Vacuum sealing is useful for all sorts of things, but if you don't feel like shelling out for the pricier vaccum seal bags, you can get by pretty easily with a few Ziploc bags and a bike pump.

Whether you're protecting your gadgets, making healthy posicles, or cooking a perfect steak sous-vide, you don't need any extra gear to vaccum seal things in your home. MAKE reader cashsale shows us how, using a few household items.

The key is basically wrapping your item in two Ziploc bags instead of one, making it a bit easier to suck all the air out. It probably won't be quite as tight as more commercial options, but it should get you by in most situations. Hit the link for more details on how to set it up.

Poor Man's Vacuum Bagging System for Sous-Vide Recipes [MAKE Forums via MAKE]


    That uses a brake vacuum pump, not a bike pump. I don't think a bike pump would work unless you could modify the valve somehow. Those brake pumps are still a lot cheaper than a vacuum machine and constantly buying bags though.

    I might try this at some stage.

    There's an instructable for reversing the flow in a bike pump.. Looks a tad more involved that I'm comfortable with personally, but definitely doable.$20-by-convert/

    Now all I need is a really huge ziploc bag for all my summer clothing storage this winter...

    Your ideas sound good but the problem is getting the ziplock bags. I can get them from USA but the postage is about $40 which is much too much. Have you any tips for buying more bags. I will need quart bags and a few gallon bags. They MUST be ziplock.

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