Vacuum-Seal Your Electronics For Temporary Protection

Nobody wants to be without their gadgets but who wants to risk losing them to water damage? You can follow the lead of one iPhone-loving chef and vacuum seal your gear for temporary protection.

Over at the culinary blog Behind The Knife they tend to focus on using non-kitchen items to make kitchen life easier and more interesting, but recently they stumbled upon a clever way to repurpose a kitchen product for life outside the kitchen. Chef Chip Sheen loved his iPhone and hated the idea that he might do it in with all the hustle and bustle of kitchen life. His solution? Use the vacuum packer in the kitchen to seal his phone into waterproof pouch:

You certainly don't need a commercial-grade behemoth like the one featured in the video. Any small vacuum sealer would do. It's a temporary solution however, you can't plug in a charging or sync cable, and it's best suited for objects that don't need to be opened — I'd have a hard time giving up the slideout keyboard on my phone — but it offers a high level of protection from spills and dunks and gives you total access to the front panel of the device.

Have a clever way to keep your electronics safe in the face of inclement weather — and kitchen! — conditions? Let's hear about it in the comments.

How To Sous Vide Your iPhone [Behind the Knife]


    I do a similar thing with my iPhone when I'm at the snow. I leave it in a ziplock bag and just operate it through the plastic. Works really well for touch screen devices.

    Why on earth weould you vaccuum seal it? That vaccuum will try to suck in whatever is outside to equalise the pressure, that includes water. A ziplock bag is as good or possibly better. Spending a few dollars on one of those cheap phone dry bags is even better.

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