Save Food In DIY Freezer Paper Packs

Save Food In DIY Freezer Paper Packs

Instead of saving snacks or sandwiches in boring Ziploc bags, why not make your own sealed freezer paper packs instead?

Instructables user AndrewL5 shows us how easy these little packs are to make. Just cut freezer paper to size, roll into a tube, cut the size pouches you want, and iron them to seal all but one end. Drop the food you want to save into the pouch and iron the last seam to seal it up.

Sure, freezer paper may be a bit harder to find in Australia, and it may be easier to throw a sandwich into a Ziploc bag. But you have to admit, these look a little snazzier. You can even label them how you want. I see them being great for things like snack (or trail) mix, homemade Pop Tarts (thanks Alton Brown), and even spice or baking mixes.

Freezer-paper food packaging [Instructables]


  • FYI greaseproof paper (in Au) is just paper with added starches to give it a low porosity, the referenced article calls for freezer paper which is plastic coated paper (in the US) so it will melt and bond together on itself.

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