Use Shampoo, Baking Soda And Water To Fully Clean Your Car

If you don't want to pay for a car wash or even special cleaning products, you can actually clean your car pretty effectively with some shampoo, water, and baking soda. Here's how.

The folks over at Essortment have a bunch of clever uses for shampoo, two of which work well for the next time you're hand washing your car. A half cup of shampoo in a bucket of water is an effective way to clean the car itself, and if you mix shampoo and baking soda you can easily shine your car's chrome. Of course, be sure to rinse when you're done.

25 Uses for Shampoo [Essortment]


    Tell me one person who has an excess of Shampoo at the price it costs?

    Half a cup of shampoo in a bucket of water is more expensive than buying 2.5 litres for $6, of car-washing detergent. A product designed to do the job of washing a car.

    Who on earth thinks of this rubbish?
    I suppose they have money to burn too!
    Do you think it's time to get a little bit more realistic LifeHacker?

      Depends a lot on the kind of shampoo you buy, I imagine.

    Errrm baking soda, wouldn't that scratch the chrome, i personally just use Meguier's Soft Wash, about $9 on special from Super Cheap, when the Gold Class is on special I buy the 2.5L bottle (size unsure). Only have to use a little bit and lasts ages, what I have found that if you have a sponge, take the time to keep it clean, and if it needs replacing do it, don't be cheap and keep it forever.

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