IKEA Lazy Susan Makes Cheap Under-Sink Storage


    Works great as a cake decorating/icing turntable. Just put your cake stand on top of this - spin and ice

    Circle in a square hole means too much wasted space around the corners!

    I don't get why many people aren't impressed w/ using a lazy susan for storage. I think it's a great idea; an easier way to find things and save the hassle of reaching for things all the way at the back.

      How often are you getting things from the back? If you just stack the shelf with the most common things at the front, and the least common things at the back, then you save $15!

    i got two in the fridge. no more mouldy food at the back! sure, you lose a bit of space but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    actually you do not lose much space because those corners are still available to store a few items.

    You still end up with the problem of things in the middle though...

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