The (Optional) Standing Desk

The (Optional) Standing Desk

Since sitting is now the harbinger of death, standing desks are becoming a new trend. But what if you’re not ready to make the transition? Build yourself a standing desk with a sitting option as well, like today’s featured workspace.

Kai Vermehr, digital artist and creator of Eboy, put together a standing desk with a sitting option for those moments when standing gets to be tiring. He found that standing gave him a lot more energy and sitting wasn’t all that necessary, but it’s good to know you’ve got the option if you want/need it.

If you want to build one of your own, Kai has generously contributed a SketchUp drawing of his desk so you can do just that.

Standing Desk Jockey: Kai Vermehr of eBoy [BoingBoing]


  • hehe, from my time as a on site techguy, putting production sites online with new systems, I’ve had the whole standing up thing and I’m waiting to see the number of knee, hip and ankle damage reports come in.

    On to the next craze. Lying down desk. Oh wait that causes bed sores and cancer probably.

    Sitting down may not be good for as standing, but if you get up and move regulary it’s not all that bad.

  • I was so concerned about the whole sitting too long thing after it was posted recently, that I went out and bought a simple frame from a second hand shop and converted it into a standing desk. Damn thing works great too! It only cost me ten bucks plus a few screws and some stored timber offcuts. Admittedly it is taking some getting used to, but if after a few weeks the pain in my knees and back subside, I’m gonna stick with it….

  • Or, get a standing desk and a high architect’s chair. Alternate between sit and stand at will, with your torso at the same height either way. Worked well for me for the last 7 years working from home!

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