Snapbucket Connects To Your Photobucket Account For Photo Filters And Sharing

Android/iOS: Snapbucket brings together the features of photo sharing apps like PicPlz and Instagram with your Photobucket account. If you're an avid Photobucket user, the app lets you add filters, share with friends, and immediately save to your account. If you're not a Photobucket user, it might make you become one.

Snapbucket is relatively late to the photo sharing and filtering game. Plenty of other apps occupy the same space, notably Instagram and PicPlz, but none of them integrate with an existing photo sharing service.

Snapbucket connects to your Photobucket account (if you have one,) and allows you to post your photos to Twitter and Facebook once you've finished editing and tweaking them. Plus, every photo you share with the app is automatically uploaded to your Photobucket account.

Of course, Snapbucket wouldn't be able to compete with the other apps in its category if it didn't offer filters and photo editing tools that you can use to play with your photos. You can take a photo right in the app, and then apply one of over ten different filters to it, including a sketch filter, the 70s-esque old camera filter we all know and love, a black-and-white or sepia filter, and more.

You can even combine multiple filters for a custom look. You can also add frames, vignettes, and other special effects for a truly unique photo that doesn't look like the same Instagram shots we've all seen before. When you have a combination you like, save the filter set so you can re-use it later. As you post photos, you'll unlock additional filters the way you would unlock badges in FourSquare.

Snapbucket is available for Android and iOS. The developers promise it'll be the last photo editing and sharing app you'll need, but that remains to be seen. Would you drop Instagram or PicPlz for a Photobucket-backed alternative? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Snapbucket [via Photobucket]


    I don't get it. This is just another same old, same old. Feels too much like instagram. What is the big deal? It needs real editing features like crop and zoom.

      I've been waiting for ages for Instagram to come to Android and it hasn't (yet). PicPlz feels like the poor cousin to Instagram so I will be trying out snapbucket to see how it goes.

    I only started using Android a few months ago, and only just started playing with the camera and photo sharing stuff. I really like Snapbucket for the most part - but not being able to re-crop my photos is pretty irritating. Are those features present in any of the other android solutions?

    I like the extra image filters that this app has over picplz, although I wish I could upload to tumblr and flckr. Like I can with PicPlz

    I too have been waiting for an android version of Hipstamatic, Instagram or PhotoForge. SnapBucket appears to be it! Every other camera, photo editing app for Android falls short. So far I am a fan!

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