Hang And Easily Replace Posters And Artwork With Magnets

If you want to hang posters or artwork without the cost of frames, nail holes in your walls, or push-pin holes in the art—use magnets! This easy DIY project also lets you easily take down and replace the artwork.

The materials list is very short: small magnets, flat thumb tacks, and superglue.

Glue one magnet to each of the thumb tacks, then position and push them into your wall. Glue more magnets (which will connect to the thumb tacks) to the back of your poster, and hang. Voila! Another way to customize your apartment without pissing off your landlord.

If your walls aren't thumbnail-friendly or you want a perhaps quicker solution, you may be able to use magnetic tape instead, available at craft stores and hardware stores. Oh, the cool things you can do with magnets!

Hang Poster with Magnets [Instructables]


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