Top 10 Magnet Hacks

Top 10 Magnet Hacks

They were the coolest part of primary school science, and they’re still one of the neatest way to stick things together and stir up a little homespun magic. Check out our 10 favourite ways bloggers, Lifehacker readers, and other creative types use mother nature to make life better.

Photo by oskay.

10. Poster wall without holes

9. Clean aquariums and other hard-to-reach glass

8. Doorstop Laptop Stand

7. Magnetic bookmarks from fridge stickers

6. DIY magnetic fridge pen

similar, previously posted technique

5. Stick anywhere spice rack

4. Cheap speaker mobile phone shielding

ferrite beadsNote:

3. Magnetic whiteboard

2. Trip-safe power cord

1. Wall-mounted magnetic knife block

There are lots of other ways polarised metals can come in handy—weblog Evil Mad Scientist, for example, has 17 more—and we’d love to hear about any you’ve come across or are using in your own secret lair/office. Drop a link or describe your favourites in the comments.

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