A Clever Trick For Hanging Posters On Your Wall Without Making Any Holes

If you want to put up some sweet posters, but you're in an apartment where you might get charged for damages, this method incorporating small magnets is worth a try. No more nasty holes in the wall.

Image via @krsm_ttt.

The tip comes from Japanese anime fan Kirishima who recently shared their ingenious poster-hanging trick on Twitter (above). To do it, all you need is some paperclips, some tape and some magnets. Here's what you do once you have the supplies:

  1. Tape four paperclips to your wall where the four corners of your poster will be.
  2. Put the poster in place, then stick some magnets in each corner where the paperclips are hiding underneath.

That's it! This method is more ideal for smaller posters as the weight of a massive movie poster might be too much for the tape to hold, but it still might be worth a shot if you use some really strong tape and powerful magnets.

h/t SoraNews24


    Who has carpeted walls?
    Tape will rip paint off.

    No holes, just a unremovable stain on the wall when you eventually pull them down. :)

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