Hang Small Tools Under A Shelf With Hard Drive Magnets

Hang Small Tools Under A Shelf With Hard Drive Magnets
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Here’s an easy way to make more space at your work table, as long as you have some hard drive magnets lying around, that is. Hard drive magnets are strong, so they should be able to hold many different types of tools.

Just glue some of those magnets (taken from old mechanical hard drives, not SSDs) to the underside of a shelf, as Instructables user udubinsky has, and your tools can hang there in reach but off your work surface.

Just make sure you glue them up really securely. You could also mount them on the wall (as in this DIY knife block).

Small Tools Hanger [Instructables]


  • I do this on the kitchen fridge to hold the apron and a spare plastic bag dispensor. These magnets are super handy.

  • I tried this ages ago, ‘yer better off mounting the magnets on a block and then attaching your tools horizontally, it gives more contact. Using the tips alone, I found they fall off at the slightest bang on the bench or shelf. Even the wind or a fan will get them rocking like chimes on the patio…!

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