The Best Earth Month Posts From Our Sibling Sites

The Best Earth Month Posts From Our Sibling Sites

Our Earth Month coverage throughout April here at Lifehacker does not stand alone; our sibling sites Gizmodo, Kotaku and the Sugar network are also looking into all things green. Here’s another quick selection of our favourites from the week just passed.

Top 5 Clumsily Eco-Friendly Video Games [Kotaku]
Environmental messaging has frequently been used in video games, but the results have rarely been appealing, it seems.

Do You Use Energy Saving Gadgets At Home? [Gizmodo]
The answer would appear to be “sometimes”.

The Organic Pharmacy’s Margo Marrone on Toxins to Avoid [BellaSugar]
Ingredients to be wary of in cosmetics and other pharmacy products.

On a related note, the combined coverage of cash-for-gadgets site ReGadget here at Lifehacker and over at Gizmodo temporarily bought that site to its knees, but everything seems better over now.

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