The Best Earth Month Posts From Our Sibling Sites

Our Earth Month coverage throughout April here at Lifehacker does not stand alone; our sibling sites Gizmodo, Kotaku and the Sugar network are also looking into all things green. Here's another quick selection of our favourites from the week just passed.

Top 5 Clumsily Eco-Friendly Video Games [Kotaku] Environmental messaging has frequently been used in video games, but the results have rarely been appealing, it seems.

Do You Use Energy Saving Gadgets At Home? [Gizmodo] The answer would appear to be "sometimes".

The Organic Pharmacy's Margo Marrone on Toxins to Avoid [BellaSugar] Ingredients to be wary of in cosmetics and other pharmacy products.

On a related note, the combined coverage of cash-for-gadgets site ReGadget here at Lifehacker and over at Gizmodo temporarily bought that site to its knees, but everything seems better over now.

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