The Best Earth Month Posts From Our Sibling Sites

The Best Earth Month Posts From Our Sibling Sites

Our Earth Month coverage throughout April here at Lifehacker is part of a much broader effort; our sibling sites Gizmodo, Kotaku and the Sugar network are also looking into all things environmental. Here’s a round-up of our favourites from the past couple of weeks.

Understanding The Greenhouse Effect [Gizmodo]
A straightforward, hype-free primer to how the greenhouse effect actually happens.

Why Won’t Nintendo Go Green? [Kotaku]
No console maker looks great when environmental impact is measured, but Nintendo’s unwillingness to even acknowledge the issue makes it stand out from the pack.

Shop Our Top Ten Online Buys For Canvas Carry Bags: Ban the Plastic! [FabSugar]
I’ll freely admit that my main criteria for a carry bag are “shoulder-length strap” and “free”, but Fab Sugar rounds up some more stylish choices.

In the Market For Some Eco Beauty Tools? Look No Further! [BellaSugar]
Because everyone needs to know where to find an ecologically sound loofah.


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