Bounce Mobile Pays A Fair Sum For Your Old Mobile Phone

Bounce Mobile is the latest in a growing group of sites which will pay for your unwanted older mobile phone. How do its prices compare?

Bounce has one unusual feature most of its competitors don't replicate: you can elect to request a courier pick-up, rather than simply printing a free postage label. That aside, with any of these services, the key question is how much they'll pay.

For an indicative idea, here are the current quotes for a 16GB iPhone 5 in near-new condition with its own box, a phone we imagine some people will be looking to sell in the near future to upgrade to Apple's rumoured new models expected in September. We looked at Bounce Mobile and its active rivals we're aware of (Boomerang Buyback,, Cashaphone , Mazuma, Money4Mobiles and Regadget. We didn't include Cash For Phones as it wouldn't offer a price for an iPhone 5 when we checked.)

Boomerang Buyback $402.00
Bounce Mobile $385.00
Cashaphone $360.00
Mazuma $350.00
Money4Mobiles $257.60
Regadget $240.00

Bounce looks good here, but Boomerang Buyback still has an edge. The very poor showing by Money4Mobiles reflects the fact it gives you no credit for packaging or keeping the phone in good condition; Regadget doesn't have that excuse.

As ever, if you still have the original packaging and your phone is in good nick, you can probably make more selling it yourself on eBay. If you don't need the hassle, it makes sense to check across multiple services depending on your phone.

Bounce Mobile


    The link at the bottom goes to boomerang buyback

    Last edited 16/08/13 8:43 am

    Hah, guess Regadget saw this as the price is a lot higher now

    Even their price for iPhone 4S is more than that iPhone 5 price list -

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