BuyMyTronics Will Give You Cash For Your Old Gadgets

BuyMyTronics Will Give You Cash For Your Old Gadgets

This is territory we’ve seen before: sites that give you money for your old working gadgets which we have covered include Mazuma, ReGadget and others. BuyMyTronics plays in similar territory, offering free postage to send in your unwanted phones and cameras and payment by direct deposit, PayPal or cheque.

The Australian version of BuyMyTronics is based on a similar site in the US, which becomes evident in a few places (such as listing ‘Verizon’ versions of the iPhone). The offered price of $420 for a 32GB iPhone 4 doesn’t seem super-competitive; as we’ve noted before, you might get more selling on eBay.



  • Do you know what they do with the items they received?
    Because there would be consumers like me who would be happy to buy a second hand lens at the price they receive it for (plus like $100 to go towards the environment or whatever)

    • I agree completely. I want to cheap second hand electronics for kids and stuff. Can’t afford new ones. eBay does not really make sense (add $100 to ebay price and you get a new ipad)

  • You will always get more selling on ebay, but you’ll also have the higher risk and greater effort associated with that.

    These companies make their money by buying low and selling closer to actual market price, but they offer something in return: They’ll completely remove all the financial risk dealing with dodgy buyers, and the hour or two of your time it’ll probably take to put up an ad, deal with buyers, and mail it off.

    I’d be interested to know how much of a profit margin these sites make now, there seems to be quite a bit of competition.

  • Hey Everyone- I am the Marketing and Media rep for BuyMyTronics US and want to thank you all for your feedback. Hearing from consumers helps to make our business better.
    @anon-BuyMyTronicsAU specializes in recirculating and resale. Like you mentioned, second-hand moblies still have quite a bit of value and it helps reduce waste from manufacturing if people use resources that already exist. Our US company works with a site called that sells refurbished Apple products.
    @Stove–thank you for making such great points. Yes there is a lot of competition in the market now, but we differentiate ourselves by accepting over 6,000 types of gadgets in any condition. Not all buy-back companies will pay for broken items like we do, so we feel that we are offering customers something that our competitors do not.
    I appreciate everyone’s commentary.

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