Qantas Working On Windows Phone 7 Check-In App

There's no release date yet, but Qantas has shown off a prototype of a Windows Phone 7 check-in app at the Mix 11 conference in Las Vegas. As well as allowing you to check-in, the app promises to "use location software to provide predicted journey times". That sounds intriguing, but it leads to two obvious questions.

The first is how this would work when you're in the air and the app needs to run in flight mode. That said, the second of the two screenshots includes a "leave for airport" message, so perhaps the emphasis is on getting to the airport on time rather than what happens in the air.

The second and bigger question is: why develop for Windows Phone 7 when there's still no sign of an Android or BlackBerry app? I'm a fan of the Windows Phone 7 look and I'm all for diversifying from the idea that mobile apps simply means iOS, but you'd have to think building something for Android would help a lot more frequent flyers.


    Qantas is pouring money down the drain with this Windows Phone app.

    Nobody is using Windows Phone. The sales numbers from comScore show that Windows Phone's market share is practically zero.

    Nobody is going to use this app when it is released. Qantas' IT department should have known this.

      I'll use it :)

      me too

      And I.

      Just a quick question: I don't suppose you own an iPhone do you?

      Just curious :)

      Are you kidding? It is slowly becoming the phone of choice for alot of people.

    Let's be clear though - they don't actually have an iOS check in app, it's a frequent flyer program app that lets you check your points balance. You can't really do anything else with it.

    The only way to check in on your mobile is through the mobile version of

    Smolkowicz i think this is a really good idea hopefully they can also do ones for other airlines

    Windows Phone 7 had an extremely strong launch in Australia. According to the IDC Windows Phone 7 gained about 4.5% market share in it's first 2 months in Australia.

    I will use iy too. keep spraying the doom around

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